The ‘Jóvenes Profesionales’ (Young Professionals) program was created to help eliminate barriers Latino youth face to complete their high school education, to pursue a post-secondary education, and to prepare them for a job that leads to a professional career path.


The Young Professionals Program mission is to prepare Latino high school students and young adults of diverse backgrounds to become successful professionals and community leaders.


We envision a generation of youth able to plan their future: having strong values, going to college, selecting a career that matches their talents and skills, finding long lasting and stable jobs, and being successful in their professions. In brief: Being able to ACHIEVE.


The Young Professionals curriculum is divided into three modules:

  • Ethics and Values: Cultural Competency
    • Family and Community Values
    • Work, Community and School Ethics
    • Human Relationships: Cultural Competence
  • Education with a Focus: Training Leaders
    • Discovering Talents and Skills
    • Exploring: Educational Fields
    • School Performance
    • Saving for Your Education and Applying for Scholarships
  • Job Process: Exploring Your Career Path
    • Internships and Job Shadowing: Identifying a Mentor
    • Volunteering
    • Resume Building
    • Applications
    • Confidence
    • Interview Process