Since its establishment in 1987, La Oportunidad has built a strong and stable organization and has established and maintained long-term key affiliations/credentials, including those with:

The Greater Twin Cities United Way

United Way Logo

La Oportunidad  has been a partner-funded agency and member of the Speaker’s Bureau of the Greater Twin Cities United Way since 2000.  The Greater Twin Cities United Way is the only charity that brings together government, business and nonprofits to improve individual lives as well as strengthen the whole community. Their unique role in forming community partnerships helps them to: focus on creating innovative solutions to the most critical issues in our community, and make an impact with measurable results, ensuring their gifts are used efficiently and effectively in a way that has the greatest impact both on individual lives and the community as a whole. Visit them online at


Minneapolis Public Schools

La Oportunidad has partnered with the Minneapolis Public Schools Community Education Department since 1999. In partnership with 21st Century Community Learning Centers, La Oportunidad has provided effective after-school educational, enrichment, engagement and cultural programming that complement the regular academic program in order to help students achieve, connect and thrive.

In the past several years, the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) has created a formal online process to certify partnering organizations and individuals as Community Partners. La Oportunidad is a MPS certified community partner.  Visit them online at


Minneapolis Youth Violence Prevention Executive Committee/Blueprint for Action

La Oportunidad has been a member of the Minneapolis Youth Violence Prevention Executive Committee/Blueprint for Action since 2008. The City of Minneapolis recognizes that youth violence is a public health epidemic that requires a holistic, multi-faceted response. Drawing on a mix of increased law enforcement and public health strategies to address the root causes of violence and significantly reduce and prevent youth violence in Minneapolis, the city, in partnership with a host of community stakeholders, created the Blueprint for Action.  As a member of the executive committee, La Oportunidad’s representative ensures that Latino perspectives are presented and addressed. Visit them online at


Minnesota Council on Nonprofits

La Oportunidad has been a member of the Minnesota Council on Nonprofits (MCN) since 2000. The MCN is the largest state association of nonprofits in the U.S. Through the Minnesota Council on Nonprofits, nonprofits join together across interests areas to work on issues of common concern to all.  The MCN works to inform, promote, connect and strengthen individuals and the nonprofit sector. Visit them online at

Youth Intervention Programs Association

La Oportunidad has been a member of the Youth Intervention Programs Associations (YIPA) since 1998. YIPA is a nonprofit organization that has been providing professional development services to youth intervention professionals, increasing the community awareness about youth intervention, promoting best practices within the field of youth intervention services, and advocating on behalf of its membership.  Visit them online at


National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) 

La Oportunidad has been a member of the NCADV since 2007. The mission of the NCADV is to organize for collective power by advancing transformative work, thinking and leadership of communities and individuals working to end the violence in our lives.  Visit them online at

Charities Review Council

Charities Review Council Logo

La Oportunidad has consistently met the Charities Review Standards. The Council’s Accountability Standards consist of 27 standards, which address a charity’s performance in four critical areas: public disclosure, governance, financial activity, and fundraising. Charities Review Council is an independent resource for people who make contributions to support charities.  The Charities Review Council ensures potential supporters of La Oportunidad’s commitment to accountable and ethical practices. The Charities Review Standards are dedicated to empowering donors in making informed and thoughtful giving decisions to more effectively help charities advance their important community work.  No other state has a similar independent resource for donors.  Visit them online at