In 2022, La Oportunidad provided programs to 556 Twin Cities low-income Latinos with programs for youth, adults and families. La Oportunidad exceeded its program goals, maintained organizational stability and positively impacted Latinos in the community. Key accomplishments during the year are included in our 2022 Annual Report to the Community, which will be available later this year.

We Can’t Do it Alone

La Oportunidad partners with many schools and organizations to better serve the Latino community. In addition to the supporters recognized on page ten and eleven of our 2021 Annual Report to the Community, other key partners, listed on page two of this report, include:

Minneapolis Public Schools: La Oportunidad has partnered with the Minneapolis Public Schools Community Education Department since 1999. In partnership with 21st Century Community Learning Centers, La Oportunidad provides effective after school education, enrichment, engagement and cultural programming that complement the regular academic program in order to help students achieve, connect and thrive. As a Certified Community Partner with the district, La Oportunidad offered programs onsite at several schools in Minneapolis.

* Link to full 2021 Annual Report to the Community: